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Hello world!

OM Raw Cacao! I finally have a blog. Maybe now I’ll be heard and not just appear to be rambling to myself. Raw Food sounds so like something people do in Southern California doesn’t it? Well…I was born and raised there, but I think it has more to do with Conciousness.

People often comment on my complextion. I recently turned 40 and my skin looks great, so whenever people ask me what I use on my face, they seem perplexed when I reply “It’s my Raw Food Lifestyle”. The next question never fails to be “what is Raw Food” So, here is my very own definition of Raw Food.

Raw Food = Unadulterated – Virgin like food – uncooked and whipped up any way you please.

Raw Food also = Love, Joy, Peace and environmental wellbeing

No, I’m not a nut, but I do eat them. Honestly, your body actually thanks you when you give it the natural fuel it desires. Do you really think your body desires a bagel and cream cheese. That’s your mind and your mouth, but not your body.

Face it, your body is what you reside in throughout your life, so give it some much need love and attention. I’m telling you if you go Raw for 30 days, your mind fog will clear and you will actually begin to “feel” what you are eating.

You can thank me when the aches and pains begin to subside, not to mention the skin inflamation and host of other ailments.


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Posted by on December 28, 2008 in Alternative Therapies, Nutrition, Raw Food