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Raw Food Diet or Lifestyle?

After you take the time and awareness to give the Raw Food “Diet” a try, you will very quickly notice that it’s not a diet at all. In fact it is a very sexy version of a lifestyle enhancement. After being in SAD situation with the SAD diet of most Americans, my body was beat up. I really took for granted the luster of my youth and invincibility of my body when it came to eating and exercise. Fast forward several years and back injuries later, I’ve found that the only thing that helps my body regain a sense of balance is good old fruits and vegetables. Boring you say. I think not! If you have ever felt like the pain in your body was too much to overcome that you, in your out of your mind state reached for the prescription drugs, or over the counter pain killers, then you owe it to yourself to get back to the basics.

Slow it down and think about it for a minute. It’s healthy, cheaper and good for you and the planet if you eat your greens. Yes, there are debates over Organic vs. non, but the bottom line is that your body needs REAL FOOD, REAL FUEL. If you filled up your cars tank with sugar, the tank would rot out. I heard people used to do this to their enemies. That’s not nice, but it does show a point I’m trying to drive home here. Sugar and all the over processed foods are slowly killing you. The proper nutrition is needed to function. Every day our lives are filled with toxins and we can’t see them, or taste them, but we are feeling the impact on our bodies. I want to feel GOOD for the rest of my life, and I want you to feel good too.

If you hate veggies, juice them, or blend them with fruit to make them taste better, but just get them into your body and let them do the work they were meant to do.



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