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15 Green Smoothies

Here’s why I love the Boutenko’s. It couldn’t be an easier than this to get your greens in.


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July Raw Food Challenge

With the summer months heating up and making me feel so much better, I’m very motivated to get back to my Raw Routine. I lost my game this past winter but have taken on new life with the help of our friend the Sun, Green Drinks and exercise.

I have a sense of renewed motivation with my reaction to the scale last week along with the decline of Dad’s Health.

Some of you may remember he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in late 2009. He’s a great man, but very set in his ways and continues to be stubborn about his intake of whole foods. Of course it’s not just him, but my mother is the one who prepares the meals and even though I don’t like to point fingers I must say that it’s not that hard to “hide” the veggies in the food you make. In fact, I have found it really easy to incorporate tons of fruit and veggies in ways that my kids eat it with no problem.

It’s not all good. I have had my share of trial and error recipes with the Raw Food uncookbooks and my discerning family’s palate, but I’m not asking my dad to try elaborate raw meals. What I want here is WHOLE FOOD NUTRITION. You know…like what grows…can be picked….doesn’t have to be prepared much if at all. At the very least buying a bag of spinach and freeze it then blend up a handful with some frozen fruit. To me it’s simple. I know it’s not a cure but when you have almost zero fruits and vegetables daily, your energy, clarity and function shut down. In his case it’s worse because he is on medication that is causing severe side effects and he really needs all the help he can get. In the last 2 weeks, he has fallen and rushed to the Emergency room receiving a total of 10 stitches in his face. The falling is absolutely tragic to witness and humiliating and painful for him to endure. He is reluctantly now using a cane after much urging. His brain isn’t communicating with his limbs and so he begins to fall and with his arms by his sides he can not react to the fall until after it happens. So, with it progressing so quickly I really want to help any way I can aside from buying him a football helmet to wear ☺

Since I am still learning about how to help, I would love to hear any advice you may have for this journey. In the meantime, my Raw Food Challenge will last until the end of July. Who’s joining me?



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Dextoxing with Raw Foods and Colon Hydrotherapy

Once you’ve spent any amount of time diving into improving your health, eventually you’ll realize that no matter what you put into your body, it all needs to come out as well.

A really good cleanse does a body good. I always do an annual cleanse almost like a spring cleaning but for my body. I love the way I feel so light after a cleanse. Last year I did several cleanses over a period of months that worked for certain parts of my body. I began with a liver cleanse that lasted for 2 weeks, then moved on to a heavy metal cleanse, kidney, gallbladder, lymph and colon. My thought on the order of the cleanse made sense to me at the time, but I began with the liver and ended with it as well since I knew I would be flushing it with more toxins as the cleanse continued for other parts of the body. I thought maybe if I did the liver first, it would be able to process out the series of toxins to follow easier.

I’m about to begin a new cleanse and this time, I am considering a good whole body cleanse, but my main intention is to cleanse and build my digestion in a way that will benefit me for a longer period of time. Naturally Raw Foods assists in cleansing the body from toxins. It’s high fiber content and enzymes act as a broom to sweep away toxins. I feel the need to help it further along, so I will also be going to see a Certified Colon Hydrotherapist. I had a great once back in Valencia, CA but since I’m in Oregon now, I’ll have to do some homework on the local hydrotherapists and get a good referral ahead of time. DO NOT go to a therapist who isn’t certified in some manner for this process. If you haven’t been before, it can be a little intimidating and it’s nice to have someone with a good bedside manner who has the experience to back it up.

I’ve also heard about the coffee enema but haven’t tried it yet. Why not wheatgrass or spirulina? Just wondering why of all things a coffee enema? Guess I have some research to do.

I’ve been asked a lot about the Master Cleanse. I have friends who swear by it and certainly loose weight and toxins with the plan, but I personally haven’t been able to stick to it for more than a couple of days. Some people are more focused than me and can totally handle it. I prefer to cleanse a little daily as well with lots of lemon juice and I add cayenne to my water during winter months.

Here’s a handy tip for you. Last winter I had a nagging cough in the middle of the night and I was able to relieve it only with some liquid cayenne in warm water. I gargled then swallowed the water and it went away. It also warmed me up a bit. I get my liquid cayenne from HerbFarm. It’s available at most natural food stores. I love to use it in sauces also because it can blend easier than the powder but you have to be careful with how much you use since it’s so potent.

That’s it about the cleanse so…bottoms up!



Welcoming the new year with Parkinson’s Disease

We have made it through Christmas and are about to enter into the new year of 2010. Since my last post for Thanksgiving, there have been some unexpected health issues show up for my family. After working with supplements and setting my dad up with a Raw Green Drink protocal, he was finally diagnosed with Parkinsons. I was truely shocked. The past few years have been spent searching for info and preventing Cancer since that is my family’s primary demise on both sides and including my husbands family. Honestly, I felt sideswiped by the news and a little pised that I didn’t recognize it. Most of the symptoms were there, but PD never entered my mind and the many various doctors he went to didn’t catch it either. We only noticed his changes this year although we could have caught on earlier. It must have started some time ago since he is in Stage 3. He is 72 and has had a pretty healthy life although I have been constantly on him and my mother about their use of excess sugar.

When we all moved North to a much cooler climate, things seemed to kick into gear and speed up for him. It began wih some balance issues. Falling off a ladder and then loosing balance while gardening. That was the main thing we saw, but then his speech began to slur a touch and his thoughts didn’t seem to be connecting. He seemed confused at times. Alzheimer’s came to my mind, but he was remembering things, just couldn’t make a seamless connection. Then he began hunching over when he walked and of course his balance worsened. We kept asking him to stand up straight. He said he couldn’t. He began to shuffle when he walked and his reaction timed slowed. It took a lot of convincing, but my siblings and I asked him to stop driving. We told him he deserved to be chauferred around town by mom.

Doctor after Doctor couldn’t figure it out even after CatScans blood tests and proding. There are two significant items that we never noticed. My dad didn’t blink very much and his arms stopped swinging when he walked. They were stiff next to his side. I have been spending a lot of time learning and seeking holistic treatments to compliment his medication. Since he began his medication, his walking has improved and his speech is better although now his short term memory is being affected.

In addition to my dad’s diagnosis, I am now learning about Shingles. My mother had some digestion issues and went to the doctor who gave her medication. Within one day of beginning her medication, she developed a rash. She discontinued  the use hoping the rash would subside. To her suprise, the rash intensified, spread quickly and began to hurt. She recognized it as Shingles, which my dad had a few years earlier, but her doctor didn’t call it. She went back to the doctor and the doc agreed that yes, it is Shingles. I get the call and I’m up in arms. Yet another miss. I feel like the doctors are just playing battleship. Randomly guessing at what the matter is. It has been 3 1/2 weeks and she is still in severe pain. I’ve given her aloe vera juice and topical gel along with peppermint and everything else I can think of. It’s really awful but I found out that there is a vaccination for Shingles. Typically I am not one to encourage a vaccination, but if you have had chickenpox you are more likely to get Shingles since it lies dormant for many years. Do the research first and make sure you know what the side effects could be if any.



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