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What you choose to do today will effect your tomorrow. Sounds simple enough, yet so many of us go unconcious in our choices. As if we go on auto pilot and let our actions and reactions live for us.

Have you considered the BODY, MIND, SOUL connection? Think about this – Your mind makes a choice, your body likes or dislikes it and very much reacts to what you put into it, then your soul is either delighted, or feels punished for the actions. This vicious cycle continues over and over again until we choose to wake up.

Take time to make your decisions, and make some small changes to improve whatever it is you wish, but for God sake WAKE UP! I don’t want to hear you bitch and complain about your poor health, IF YOU are the one who compromised your health and choose to rely on modern medicine to fix you later. Guess what? They won’t. Everything that leads to a healthy being, begins with what YOU choose.

I’m not saying it will be easy. Change is hard at times, but so worth it. What would you give to feel just 10% better tomorrow? You probably don’t even remember what it feels like to FEEL GOOD. I mean really feeling good, with all the aches and pains gone, or at least less present. You can make small changes that will lead to big changes in your body, mind and soul.

I thinks it’s a good idea to choose to be healthy, and so I took steps to accomplish that. I am well on my way, and I hope you will be soon as well.



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Awww Nuts!

I am nuts about Nuts, but too much of a good thing can weigh you down. When I first went Raw, I feasted on nuts and seeds. That was my source, with some greens here and there. This was my pre-deydrator days, so I wanted to keep it simple. I figured what could be simpler than nuts and seeds. I didn’t take into account the total amount of fat I was taking in, although it was a healthy fat, my calories were much higher than they needed to be. This is a common problem for those who are new to the Raw Lifestyle. After many personal adjustments, I found the perfect balance for my temple. You can do it too. Don’t think it’s all or nothing. Life is a learning process, and getting our beings back to a state of harmony takes a bit of undoing what we have been conditioned to do. Take control of your life and your health. Don’t rely on the doctors as you age. They don’t heal you. They can do some good, and prolong your life, but they are not taught to “Cure” the cause of your health issue. They have been taught to treat the symptoms. Period. It’s time for us all to live in a new Awakened State of Being. Every choice you make should be a concious one.



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