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Agave “Natural Sweetner”?


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Update to the Raw Vegan Chocolate Mousse

I thought the Chocolate Mousse was awesome once I made it, but I put it in the fridge and kind of forgot about it until the next morning. Once I took a bite of the refrigerated version, I had a flash back to the fudge in the cookies I loved as a kid. Before I went to work, I decided to make some almond cookies so I would be able to use this mousse/fudge in a cookie.

My typical almond cookie consistes of:
1/2 c raw almonds
agave and/or 3-4 dates
2 tbsp. coconut oil
1/2 vanilla bean or vanilla extract (alcohol free)
blend all in a food processor
form into small balls and flatten out into a cookie shape, or spread it all onto a dehydrator sheet and cut into squares before dehydrating.
Dehydrate @ 115 for 6 hours

When I got home from work, the cookies were done so I gave myself a treat by taking 2 cookies and placing the fudge in the middle to make a Raw sandwich cookie! Super Yummy.


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Raw Vegan Chocolate Mousse

Ummmm…super yummy and super easy.

2 small ripe avocados
1/2 c. blue agave
1/4 c. raw cacao or carob powder
2 Tbsp. coconut butter or oil
1 Tbsp. vanilla
dash of sea salt

Blend all together on high in a Vita-Mix or similar. That’s it. Eat and enjoy!


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Sugar, ah honey honey

Honey, ah sugar sugar
You are my candy girl
And you got me wanting you.

Just like the song, this seemed to be my personal Mantra for many years until I found the bliss of Raw Living Foods.

Are you ADDICTED to Sugar? Will someone PLEASE tell me why Sugar is not illegal or classified as a narcotic. Are you kidding me! People are being slowly killed by this stuff every day. Go ahead and call me crazy, but have you seen the link to Alzheimers, Obesity, and ADHD among a host of others. It doesn’t matter if it’s Bleached White Cane Sugar, or Agave. Your body does not need this much sugar. What happens when you eat it? It’s like a DRUG and you want more don’t you? Ok, so what can you do about it – look for a lower glycemic sweetener. I like Yacon and Lucuma. Both come in either a powder or syrup form. Yacon Syrup has about 1g of sugar in a Tbsp and Lucuma has 2g in a Tbsp VS. Dare I say it…..AGAVE has 16g of sugar in one Tbsp! I bet you didn’t know that. I didn’t pay attention for a long time either and I am a total sugar aholic, so I rationalized…it’s natural…it’s raw, but the fact is that it’s not the best for me. Many of the recipes I use do call for Agave. I like to use less than called for, or substitute with the Lucuma or Yacon and there’s always Raw Honey for smoothies. Keep you brain and waistine in check and make smarter choices. That’s all I’m sayin’.

~ RawMa


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