Making Almond Milk the Easy Way

11 Sep

How many times have you made Almond Milk and gone through the process in anticipation of that delicious fresh milk hitting your tongue? You love the milk, and the variations of chocolate and vanilla, spiced and plain. You would have it every day if it weren’t for the mess.

If you’re like me, everytime you make it, you think there has got to be a better way. The cheesecloth drawstring bags, a stocking or other variation of squeezing the milk through and almost milking it like a cow’s utter, just doesn’t appeal to me. It’s messy, unsanitary if you are serving it to guests and just plain impractical.

I’ve been looking for an alternative for months now and trying out different strainers laid on top of each other to press the almonds and release the milk in a cleaner manner. Without tooling a new product, I was at a loss. I mentioned it to a co-worker and she said four simple words “don’t reinvent the wheel”. I said I din’t have a wheel that would work and she brought to my attention something I had overlooked. The Frenchpress. I hate to admit what an amateur I am about coffee so I played it off like I knew exactly what she was talking about…for about two seconds, then I fessed up. I had no idea what a French Press was. When I got home I googled it and then went onto youtube and watched a video about making the perfect cup of coffee with a French Press. Finally, this was my answer! I love almond milk, but I don’t like the almond pulp mixed in. The Vitamix does a great job of pulverizing the almonds, but the milk is still too thick for my liking if I leave in the pulp. Besides, I like to make almond bars out of the remaining pulp.

Now that I have decided I want a French Press, I am seeing them everywhere. They appear to be the perfect device to use while doing a raw almond milk demo, and the guests won’t feel uncomfortable about drinking what you just squeezed out of a bag for them with your bare hands!




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2 responses to “Making Almond Milk the Easy Way

  1. Kasi

    September 22, 2009 at 7:49 pm

    Have you tried the French Press yet? I am eager to read how it has worked for you! 🙂

  2. rawma

    October 4, 2009 at 10:50 pm

    One my 41st Birthday, the one present I really wanted..well actually there were two that I really wanted, but I got one of them. The FRENCH PRESS. Yah! I tried it out almost as soon as I opened the box. I washed it out first, of course. I was really pleased with the Almond Mylk I made. It was fresh, smooth and had a great flavor. I added some vanilla and dates because I am a sweet freak.

    Once thing I didn’t count on is that the power of the Vita Mix is so strong that it pulverizes the almonds too fine to be strained through the mesh in the French Press. I highly recommend the press to strain your mylks, but be sure and blend them only to the point of being corse. This way they will easily strain through the press. Plus, it’s a nice presentation when serving your friends and family. Enjoy!



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