Hair in the Raw

29 Jun

As I am getting a little older, and a little Rawer, I’ve noticed some changes to my hair along with some other changes that I felt could be age related, not Raw related.

A few months ago I began to notice I was loosing more hair than normal after shampooing. At first I thought it was the amount of stress in my life. I tried various remedies to assist my problem. I washed it less often, massaged my scalp and put coconut butter on it to help rejuvenate the ends for a healthier “look”. Finally, upon a routing doctors visit, I mentioned it since the doc had requested some blood work as I was also experiencing very low energy. This is unusual with raw foods at I was at 75% raw, so I knew something wasn’t right.

In addition to loosing hair, the hair I had was becoming dull and wirey. Even though we strive to have a balanced life, sometimes things happen to wake us up. Just because I was 75% raw doesn’t mean I was making solid balanced nutrient choices. This has been a challenge for me and I tend to go for the raw desserts a bit too much. Even though I was loosing hair, I was still mainly concerned with the quality of the rest of my hair. Doing what most people do…looking at the symptom, not the problem itself.

The results came back and indicated a sluggish thyroid along with an unhealthy low percentage of Vitamin D. Since this was my first visit to our new family doctor, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I selected her as our family doctor specifically because she also practices homeopathic medicine. I was thrilled when she wrote me a prescription for Kelp. I had to laugh because in the past when I went to a medical doctor, it was always some kind of drug they were trying to pawn off on me. 90% of the time I would throw the prescription away and search out a natural remedy.

This was a real treat. I felt like my life relating to health was finally coming to meet me on my terms. I was told that kelp in all forms would improve my thyroid function due to the Iodine and as an added benefit would enhance my hair. It’s been 3 weeks now and my hair is stronger and fuller than it’s been in months. Thankfully, I’m loosing the normal amount of hair now.

I was not previously eating Kelp on my Raw diet and I was concerned about the taste, so I opted for the easily absorbing liquid formula from my local health co-op. This was so interesting to me, but the Vitamin D thing really threw me. Growing up in Southern California, we never had to think about Vitamin D. We just got it every minute of the day, but when we moved to Southern Oregon I didn’t account for how many cloudy days there would be, not to mention getting more raw once we moved. These two things combined put me so low on the Vitamin D reserves, that my new doctor recommended 2000 I.U. per day in a supplement. I found a great Vegan brand that is Lanolin-free called VegLife. Since I’ve been taking them, I feel much better and my outlook has improved as well. Sunshine in a bottle. I also began a detox program and started 2 oz. daily wheatgrass shots again. I just feel sooo good when I do this for myself.

The moral of this story is that all of our bodies are different and therefore need different vitamins and minerals to function at optimum capacity.

I highly recommend getting your blood work done so you know where you stand. Once you know, begin learning about vitamins and minerals from natural sources so you can have the benefits of a COMPLETE LIVING FOOD lifestyle.

If you want to dig right into it, a great book is David Wolfe’s Eating for Beauty. He did a wonderful job breaking it all down. I just finished reading it this weekend. If I had read it sooner, I could have avoided some of these changes I went though.



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