Raw Commitment

24 Feb

It all depends upon your state of mind. I really feel that if you want something bad enough, you can make it happen. The same holds true for your health. It all begins with your STATE OF MIND. Do you want to create a healthy body? If so, you need to start with a healthy mind.

This includes clearing out and removing the toxins from your life. Your thoughts, created by your environment, friends, co-workers, workplace, career, spouse, kids, etc. Every time something happens that energetically doesn’t “Feel” good to you, how do you react to it? If you continually react to everything in your world that isn’t to your liking, your body will tense up and you will create stress within your body. I’m no doctor, but this is an easy prescription. Clear out the crap that is sucking the life right out of you. You may need some counseling to learn to let go of the things that are harming you most, but once you do it, you will look back at your deep intention and realize that you, and only you can make a change for the better. You have the right to say NO to the things that are controlling you. Do it today and as your mind becomes healthier, so will your body because you will be able to make better decisions.




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