29 Jan

Ummm. It smells so good. I can’t wait to get out of bed and start my day with a nice cup of coffee over the morning paper. I know it’s a way of life for many, and I used to be one of them.

Aside from the terrible taste it leaves in your mouth and ..on your breath, it has some negative effects on your body as well.

Most already know that caffeine is a stimulant to the central nervous system. Did you also know that it acts as a mild diuretic, may increase calcium and magnesium loss through urine and regular use of caffeine does cause mild physical dependence?

Ok, we all need a fix sometime, but the dependancy of this little “habit” may cause you more harm than good. Aside from the health matters, just look at the cost factor alone. But if the rising prices don’t scare you, consider this:

If you stop taking caffeine abruptly, you may have symptoms for a day or more, especially if you consume two or more cups of coffee a day. Symptoms of withdrawal from caffeine include: headache, fatigue, anxiety, irritability, depressed mood, difficulty concentrating and overall jitters.

I suggest you cut your intake to 1/2 cup asap and get control over this habit that can lead to bigger issues. If you study the body PH recommended levels, you will find that the body PH should he at 7.3
Since coffee is acidic, why start your day with acid? In order to cancel out the acid, you need to have 10 alkaline choices. In other words, create a healthy balance for your body and put much less acid into it. If you can acheive a balance of being in a higher alkaline state, you will find many of your health problems leaving. Watch your intake and make healthy choices.



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