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RawMa Energy

This morning I noticed that I woke up with more energy than usual. I attribute this to the wheatgrass juice challenge I have been on for the past 2 weeks. The whites of my eyes began to look not so bright and I knew I needed to detox. If you want fast results, do a shot of wheatgrass every day. No, it doesn’t taste good, but neither does that shot you do at the bar! The effects you will feel inside your body will so much better than that.

This morning I decided to make a quick energy shake. I’m running low on ingredients, so I just threw this together. It was good and I feel great. Best of all, my head is clear and my focus much better since starting the wheatgrass.

1 Tbsp Raw Coconut oil (good fats), 1 Tbsp Raw Maca (energy), 1 tsp. Stinging Nettles (detox power) 1 tsp. Lucuma Powder (low glycemic sweetner)  8 oz fresh water.

Let me know what you’ve created today. When it warms up, I’ll post the raw ice cream recipie.

Have  a Raw day.

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